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J-pop Colorbars Are Love

...so are J-Rock and Anime Colorbars.

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All Members , Moderated
A community for colorbars devoted to j-pop, j-rock and anime. Your founder and moderator is cjmarsicano. For contact information, please vvisit my personal journal's user info page.

A couple of tips:

  • This is a topic-specific community. That having been said, anything remotely related to j-pop, j-rock, anime, or any Japanese pop culture is fair game for colorbars here.

  • Post the actual HTML code for cut-and-paste by typing < for the < symbol, and > for the > symbol.

  • If you think your colorbar is a little too big for people's friends pages, use the lj-cut.

  • Commenting when you are going to use a colorbar is highly encouraged.

  • Uploading a colorbar graphic to your own server space and changing the HTML code for posting in your own LJ or user info would be a godsend as some people are using Photobucket to post their colorbars. Using your own server space will help save bandwidth.

And no mention of colorbars would be complete without giving much due respect to the kind thoughts behind the king and father of all colorbars, and the righteous thought and truth behind it:

Marriage is love.